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Sleep therapy devices such as continuous positive air pressure (CPAP) devices, Bi-levels (Bi-PAP), masks, and accessories designed to treat sleep disorders such as obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and central sleep apnea (CSA).


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Medical Oxygen devices such as oxygen concentrators (portable, cartable, and stationary), oxygen supplies, and accessories used in the treatment of respiratory conditions such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

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Aerosol delivery devices such as nebulizer compressors (to include portable and pediatric), peak flow meters, expiratory and inspiratory muscle trainers, and supplies designed to treat asthma, allergies, and other upper respiratory conditions.

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Direct to Consumer High Quality Health & Technology Products is a certified and approved distributor of affordable, high quality CPAP products, medical oxygen devices and supplies, and Aerosol products from a variety of trusted product manufacturers.

Affordable CPAP Supplies

CPAP stands for continuous positive airway pressure. All CPAP masks, devices and accessories are designed to treat sleep disorders and help you get back to sleeping peacefully through the night.

Sleep apnea occurs when a person is sleeping and has pauses in between breaths (anywhere from a few seconds to several minutes), or when breathing becomes shallow and infrequent. When breathing is paused or abnormal, the brain sends you signals to wake up so you can breathe normally, causing regular sleep to be interrupted.

CPAP machines and masks can be used to help treat sleep apnea by allowing you to breathe normally throughout the night. MedToYou is proud to provide you with a wide range of CPAP masks, CPAP machines and other CPAP accessories, so you can find the right fit for you.

Affordable Oxygen Supplies

In need of a portable oxygen concentrator? Searching for a discounted, used oxygen concentrator? Look no further than MedToYou! We strive to provide you with all the home oxygen, portable oxygen concentrators, oxygen supplies and diagnostic tools and software you need for a successful oxygen therapy.

Today portable oxygen concentrators are able to provide oxygen therapy from a concentrator that is small and mobile, making traveling with an oxygen concentrator easier than ever before. Portable oxygen concentrators can also help improve exercise tolerance and everyday stamina.

Stationary oxygen concentrators, or home concentrators, typically use pressure swing adsorption technology and can provide an economical source of oxygen. MedToYou is happy to affordably offer both home and portable oxygen concentrators, along with supplies, fill systems, monitoring hardware, and more.

Affordable Aerosol Supplies

Aerosol products are designed to treat and relieve upper respiratory conditions, like asthma and allergies. Aerosol nebulizers are machines that use compressed air or ultrasonic power to break up medical solutions into small aerosol droplets - ultimately a fine mist - that can be directly delivered to the respiratory tract.

Most nebulizers use an electric compressor to maintain their high rate of airflow, including portable nebulizers. Although more expensive, portable nebulizers are battery powered and both smaller and lighter than typical nebulizers so you can always use it on the go.

MedToYou is proud to provide you with all types of affordable nebulizer breathing machines, including portable nebulizers, as well as nebulizer masks and other accessories.

Breathing Machines & Accessories for Rent

If you don’t have a chronic condition and only need a portable oxygen concentrator or a portable nebulizer for temporary use, or if you just don’t want to deal with the continued maintenance of your breathing equipment, you might consider renting instead of buying.

When you rent a CPAP machine, stationary oxygen concentrator, portable oxygen concentrator, or any other machines and supplies from MedToYou, you can feel confident knowing we will still provide you with full support and will replace your equipment if it malfunctions or breaks.

If you’re ready to order today, browse our website and order online for a fast, smooth and easy process. If you have questions, please feel free tocontact today!

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